6 Goblers but No Deer

It was a beautiful clear day around 54 degrees no wind. I was hunting out at our recently acquired land that borders a large clover field and corn all around. I was in my stand right at 4:30PM I walked in with a climber looking for somewhere to set up because I have had no time to scout this location. On my way in I came across a stream with some heavy trails crossing and about four rubs along the one trail so I set up there.

I had plenty of cover and felt hidden but lacked good shooting lanes. About an hour later I heard something coming through the woods and saw some black bodies approaching. As they drew near I was able to make out that they were turkeys, six Gobblers one right after the other about 40 to 50 yards from my stand.

After that about 30 minutes I heard crashing and limbs braking about 100 yards away that continued for over 20 minutes I thought that it was probably a black bear but never saw it.

Just as it was getting too dark to see I heard something trotting through the woods. It sounded to small to be a dear and too large to be a squirrel. I saw a small black figure crossing through the trees and it appeared to be either a coyote or a fox but I couldn't tell for sure.

My father-in-law  saw large white antlers about 30 yards away in some small beach trees. He grunted but it continued moving away from him. He saw another large bodied deer about 20 yards away in some brush  he used a doe bleat and then one soft grunt and a four point came right down under his tree to investigate. It hung around until he climbed down his stand.

When we left it was about 45 degrees, partly overcast, very gentle east wind moon was waning crescent. Moon rise at 2:21AM sunset at 6:07PM

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