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Outdoor Video Production Near Williamsport, PA

Suffering Outdoors offers a unique opportunity to assist outdoor brands with the creation of high quality video content in North Central Pennsylvania.  I will use video to tell your brand's story, and connect with your fans on a deeper level. This deeper connection will drive higher engagement and increase sales. Please contact me to discuss this opportunity and your goals for reaching and engaging with your clients.

Benefits of Story Telling Video

1. Reach and engage with current and new clients

2. Develop a personal connection that increases sales

3. Standout vs. competition

4. Grab attention from viewers quickly to efficiently tell your story

5. Gain more reach as video can be surfaced and shared on social media

Benefit of Working with Suffering Outdoors

Since 2015, I have built a fanbase of over 4,000 subscribers. The majority of which are located in Pennsylvania. These subscribers are people who love the outdoors whether it be hunting or fishing. By working with Suffering Outdoors, your video will be featured on my YouTube channel, where my subscribers can find your brand.


Pheasant guide tells story of his bird dog to share with potential guide clients and gain exposure.

Fly fishing guide used video to drive new traffic to blog and to book new clients.

Non-profit organization uses event video to attract and book teams for annual event.


Video Recording
1/2 Day - $300
Full Day - $500

Video Editing Rates
$50 / hour

This usually equates to about 7 - 10 hours for 1/2 day shoot and 10 - 15 hours for a full day shoot.

Estimated Total
1/2 Day - $650 - $800
Full Day - $1,000 - $1,250

For more information on how I can create a video for you, contact me by clicking below.

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