About Us

John Kolb founded Suffering Outdoors in 2015 after spending almost 80 hours on stand in North Eastern PA without killing a buck for the 2014 season. I decided to start filming my hunts and documenting my suffering. I realized that part of enjoying the outdoors is suffering and overcoming. I do not have easy private ground with low pressure to go kill a buck and get it on camera. I have to rely on hard work, scouting and lots of time and effort to get a kill. Faith is an important part of my life. I do not want to shove religion down the throats of my viewers but enjoy sharing scriptures that have meaning to me at the end of each video.

I am from the Williamsport PA area in Lycoming County and am married to my beautiful wife Kate. Together, we have four kids and love living life and enjoying the outdoors together. If you would like to connect with me find me on instagram @Suffering_Outdoors

I also recently launched a video production service for outdoor related brands. Details can be found under the links tab or by following this link. https://www.sufferingoutdoors.com/p/contact-us.html