Skunked, Rain and Wind

It was 51 degrees when I headed into the woods there were periods of stronger wind guest about 10 to 15mph. it was a very dark morning, no stars or moon. I was in my stand ready to go by 6:40AM in a very good spot above where they come through in the morning after feeding I could see about 60 yards behind me through a narrow clearing and 20 yards in front of me. I am naming the place death alley due to the fact if anything came through the woods within  100 yards it could be shot.

There are numerous heavy trails coming through and a rub line running long ways through the alley.

It was around 8:00AM I hadn't seen or heard anything when it started raining. Very gentle at first a nice steady shower not unbearable. About 20 minutes later it began to down pour with heavy wind. I'm thinking the deer were on their way to me but decided to bed down in the thick trailways on the way to my stand.

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