Rutting Activity: Three Buck

On my first day of vacation I wanted to head out to November to go after my black ghost. On my way into stand I saw three trees in close proximity all being rubbed. Also various scrapes on the logging road on the way in. As soon as I got in my stand I heard something coming and thought it was my buddy I was hunting with. I saw something brown moving through the woods and just before I whistled at him that I was hunting there I saw small antlers. It looked like a 4 or 5 point. It continued on and went by me.

While the small buck was walking about 50 yards in the woods from my stand I still didn't have my release on or my bow up my stand. I quickly pulled my stand up and got set.

About 20 minutes later I heard something else coming towards me and Spotted a buck walk onto the logging road and work a scrape. I could see decent antlers but couldn't get a real good look at him. He continued on and walked right over my trail from about an hour ago. He began stomping his feet, snorted and ran away.

Just as it was getting dark I heard something else coming. I was confident I still had enough day light to get a clean shot. It walked right up the logging road right to me I could see the figure of his body but couldn't see antlers. He worked a scraped, peed in it and walked about 10 yards from my stand. I couldn't tell at all how big he was which is disappointing. My buddy I was hunting with attempted to rattle something in and grunt but didn't see anything.

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