The Stimulator Dry Fly for Small Streams


From some of the very first times I fly fished small mountain streams of North Central PA, I noticed these hungry, opportunistic trout prefer big meals. How big you may ask? As big as you can get away with that will still resemble something natural. I like tying my own stimulators slightly smaller than the originals. Generally a size 8 on the large end or a size 10 2x long hook. The fly generally does better the later in the season. It may be the fact that the trout of had chances at the larger stoneflies that clumsily fall into the water. Or maybe the stimulator reminds the trout of a grasshopper  that fell in the water. Whatever it is, the trout love the big meal the stimulator resembles and they attack it aggressively. 

On my last fly fishing outing, I used a stimulator dry fly and a dropper. I recorded a video and posted it to my YouTube Channel Below. Check it out!


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