Samick Sage Recurve For Deer Hunting - PA Traditional Archery


I started hunting with a recurve last year. I did a little research and saw a lot of claims that the Samick Sage is one of the best intro recurve bows. On a budget, I decided to buy one online and start flinging arrows. I have hunted with a compound bow for many years and have become proficient with it. Hunting with a recurve has many more challenges.

I started shooting split finger. My groups were not great and I consistently had the issue of shooting high. Especially from a tree stand. I missed many deer my first year including two decent bucks. Those misses were heart breaking. One buck was standing at about 12 yards and I completely shot over his back. I think the other issue I had was using a stick on rest. At one point, my stick on rest starting coming off while on stand and slid on my bow.

This season I was determined to improve as a traditional archer. I started shooting off the shelf, switched to shooting three under (pulling the string back with three fingers under the arrow instead of one above the arrow and two below). I immediately noticed my groups were better and the tendency to shoot over the target went away. 

My first shot at a doe ended the same as many times before. Just over its back. But I felt this time was a little different. I was shooting over a branch and was concerned about hitting the branch. My next opportunity I told myself "remember to aim low." I pulled back and connected with a beautiful whitetail doe at around 10 yards. 

I was extremely blessed to harvest this deer in the PA woods. I was also fortunate to capture my journey into traditional archery on video. It can be watched by following the link below to my YouTube Channel. If you would like to look into the Samick Sage I have an affiliate link below to Amazon.

Samick Sage Recurve Bow - Awesome entry level recurve that I highly recommend Gold Tip Carbon Traditional Arrows Easton Carbon Traditional Arrows

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