Orvis Sling Pack Unbiased Original Review

 I have been using a sling pack while fly fishing for four years. My old pack wore out and started falling a part. I decided it was time to buy a new one. I like being able to access everything I need, zip the pack, then sling it around my back. This keeps the bag out of the way while fishing and casting. Having the the net on the sling allows my to easily access it to net fish.

Then enters the new (2021) Orvis sling pack. I was looking at replacing my sling pack and started doing a little research. The Orvis sling pack surfaced to the top of my list and I pulled the trigger on the mid size version. There is a much larger guide version and a mini version. I felt the size of the mid size was perfect for my needs.

The sling pack arrived about a week later; I added my tippet to the tippet holder, attached my net, put my fly boxes and all the fly fishing gadgets that you don't need inside the pack and hit the water. 

First impression

The pack looks sweet, it has a very sick design with the various modern colors. I got the camo pattern and absolutely love it.  The pack is well thought out with multiple compartments and storage areas inside the pack. The recessed tippet holder keeps your tippet secure from flopping and swinging around. 

There is an extra buckle / strap that wraps under your opposite arm and attaches to the sling.

This buckle strap helps keep the pack tight to your body. It also helps distribute the weight so all the weight of your pack is not on shoulder.

There is a nice forceps holder that keeps your forceps from swinging or flopping around. 

On the sling itself, I feel Orvis could improve the pack by adding the same pocket that is on the guide version. This would allow a nice small pocket to put items in that are needed more frequently. This would improve the pack significantly.  

I feel the main compartment has enough room to carry everything I need for a full days worth of fly fishing. I could probably also fit a small lunch and even a lightweight rain jacket. 

I am looking forward to many days out on the water with my new sling pack! I did a video on my YouTube channel highlighting the pack if you would like to check it out. 

Here are links to pick up the pack if you would like to try it out. 

Bass Pro Affiliate Link for the Orvis Sling Pack https://bassproshops.vzck.net/doEnmQ Amazon Affiliate Link for the Orvis Sling Pack https://amzn.to/3CmJnX0 Bass Pro Orvis Guide Sling Pack https://bassproshops.vzck.net/9Wr9m4

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