CRUZR XC Saddle Review - Most Comfortable Saddle Available?

I’ve used the Cruzr XC for a full hunting season and so far I’m impressed, I’ve harvested both a black bear with my compound and a buck with my recurve from my saddle. I’ve hunted in two different states and logged over 80 hours hanging in the Cruzr XC. This video is my thoughts on the saddle so far. 

the Cruzr XC has been claimed to be the most comfortable saddles on the market. For short sits, I definitely agree with that claim. For longer sits, I found myself needing a break and starting to get restless. I was not able to do an all day sit without climbing down and taking a break. But I could easily do 2-3 hour sits. My only complaint on comfort is the saddle tended to ride up onto my back. I had to frequently take my weight off my saddle, stand up and pull the saddle back down. Depending on the angle of the tree sometimes it would be worse other times it would be better. 

I have a size 1, I tried a friends size 2 it was way too baggy but the size 1 seems to be a little too small. I would rather have it be a little too tight than too loose. Maybe Cruzr can add an in between size? The size ranges bow are waist size 28-33 and 34-38

The mesh was super nice early season for air flow. I didn’t get sweaty wearing it in and didn’t feel hot on warm days. With that, it does get cold but the thinner material and compact profile, I’m able to slip my warmer pants over the mesh material and stayed warm. 

I like the buckle belt, I don’t feel the metal buckles created any noise if you wear it in and are careful buckling. The leg straps are super easy to adjust. 

I walk in wearing my saddle with most stands being at least a mile in. I forget I even have the saddle on and it is very comfortable hiking in even for longer distances. 

The Amsteel bridge is nice and also easy to adjust. 

The quality of the saddle is awesome. I’ve used it for a full season hard and haven’t noticed any issues with stitching, fraying or quality issues. There is minor wear on the mesh behind the lineman's loops. I believe this is from walking through the woods and rubbing up against brush. The first thing that will probably wear out is the Amsteel bridge and Cruzr sent an extra one with the saddle. 

Saddles are expensive and require a pretty good investment upfront. The Cruzr XC is $260 Tethrd Phantom $275- Trophy Line Covert Lite $220 Latitide Method 2 $299 (As of the writing of this article on 2/25/2023.)

If you are looking to get into saddle hunting, the Cruzr XC is a great all around saddle to start out with. If you are already saddle hunting and are looking to try something more comfortable, I would definitely recommend the XC.

If you would like to check out a video I made of the Cruzr XC, it is here!

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