6 Point Passed Up

Hoping to see the maker of this rub.

October 12, 2013 AM Hunting. 40 – 50 degrees, clear morning Sunrise 7:17AM Moon rise 2:34PM moon set 12:14AM was in my stand at 5:50AM chased deer out on way in and scared another one when I moved before light nice 6 point I passed up around 7 he came from behind me and was moving very slow and quietly, had a very nice rack for a six point and was about 15 yards away from me. He was never alerted of my position. He will be a good shooter next year. I saw 5-8 doe around 70 yards away. Was out of my stand around 8:30AM Dad had bacon and eggs ready for me by the time I got back to the house, you can't beat that!

PM hunting, got to our leased land about 50 acres, around 4:30PM, walked down a road to go into my stand from behind where the deer will come through and saw four doe at another tree stand location, two were yearlings and I couldn't see if there were any buck with them. I was in my stand at 5:00PM it was about 70 degrees with a gentle eastward breeze. Around 7:10PM just as I decided it would be too dark to shoot I had a buck come out of the tall brush of the left of the road in this picture about 40 yards away. I couldn't count his points or take a shot with how low the light was.

Will try this stand again hopefully another time when they start moving earlier. I am positioned right on top of where they bed down. Cannot move any closer.

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