Doe Bleating and Coyotes Howling

I went out this morning and was in my stand about an hour before light. Just as it was getting light enough to see I heard some deer in some thickets and it sounded like they were running around. I heard the one doe bleating and she continued to bleat as they walked about 50 yards across from me. I couldn't see if there were any buck.

The deer were acting really spooked for some reason and I had a doe come running down to me full speed. I yelled hey at her three times until she stopped then as soon as I tried to pull back she ran full speed the other way. I had a grouse come flying out of the woods and landed beside me so I'm not sure if there was a coyote chasing things around or what. I saw another doe running away about 80 yards from me.

Just before I got out of my stand I had around six doe walk by me at about 50 to 70 yards too far to get a shot again, no buck traveling with them.

It was an overcast morning about a low of 50 degrees sunrise at 7:20AM and sunset at 6:27PM wind SE at around 7MPH. Moonset  3:39AM Moonrise 4:32PM.

Afternoon Hunt
I went out to our fourth hunting location of the season referred to as Navou, it is about 40 acres with a clover food plot at the beginning of the property. We have seen a few nice buck coming out to the clover at night. I was in my stand by 5:00PM with lots of cover in the tree I climbed with my climber stand. I stayed in my stand until about 7:15PM.

 When it was too dark for shooting I climbed down my stand and as soon as my feet hit the ground I heard a coyote howling from a distance. I began to quickly undo my stand as I heard another howl a little closer. By the time I had my stand taken off the tree I heard a third howl much closer. I took a short cut across the clover field as quickly as I could and pictured the entire time a pack of coyotes chasing me down for an early evening snack. It is very chilling hearing a pack of coyotes howling closing back on a dark night out in the middle of the woods with nothing to defend yourself.

 View from my stand, as you can see I had lots of cover in this position if anything would've came through.

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