First Day of Archery 2013

10/05/2013 Location Delta Hotel

First day of archery, high of 80 degrees was in my tree stand by 4:30 PM light wind fair weather but very warm; I cannot remember ever hunting with it being as hot as it was today. I was sweating profusely and concerned about my scent. I was unable to hunt in the morning due to my work schedule.

At 5:30PM I had a large Raccoon come under my tree stand he was walking along the creek bed lifting up rocks looking for snacks. The moon phase was a new moon and the sun set at 6:43PM the first deer I saw was a doe and her two fawns around 6:15PM. By 7:00PM it was too dark to shoot and I climbed out of my stand at 7:20PM. Wind Direction SW less than 5MPH  very calm. Deer came from the North so I was down wind. Dad was in his Blind in the corner of the field at 5PM he only saw deer from afar and was back at the house changed by the time I got back.

-          Take away. For some reason the deer began moving much later today than normal. Might have had something to do with the unusually warm weather and New moon.

Rub along a heavy deer trail.

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