Passed on Two Six Points

Last Saturday I hunted our leased land and saw a buck come out after it was took dark to shoot at the distance it came out from, well today I was hoping he would move earlier so I could get a shot. It was a beautiful sunny day but the weather was calling for rain and the radar showed a large storm coming. With the storm coming I thought that the buck would be moving early.

I was in my stand by 4:30PM and the wind was blowing pretty strong probably between 10 and 20MPH. When the wind was gusting you couldn't hear a bear if it was running through the leaves. But by 5:30PM the wind had died down and it was raining pretty steadily. I thought I better see at least one deer or I'm going to be upset about sitting without cover in the rain.

At 6:00PM I saw a buck coming up to me through the field and it had a nice spread but only appeared to be a six point I saw another smaller buck right behind him. The first bigger buck came through at about 15 yards I hesitated trying to decide if I would take a shot; before I could make up my mind he passed through the shooting lane and moved on his merry way. The second smaller six point followed right behind him through the same trail.

 The two buck crossed just behind the small pine tree across the road. It would have only been about a 15 yard shot.

At least now I know what size the two buck were that I saw after dark. Rarely do you find that closure in hunting. Hopefully I won't regret passing up three different six points by the end of the season.

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