PM Showers and Afternoon Hunt

Saturday I had to work in the morning, there is rain in the forecast but it is supposed to stop just before dark. I headed up to Delta Hotel for a night of hunting. It is raining steadily when I arrive. I am able to walk into the woods very quietly and am in my stand around 5:20PM a little later than I wanted. By 6:00PM it was raining very heavily but it was around 50 degrees so I felt comfortable. On my way in to my stand I noticed a fresh buck rub on a tree that previously was not rubbed. I was hoping to see the maker by dark. About 20 to 15 minutes before dark the rain began to subside and I saw a doe about 40 yards down the hill sneaking by me.

About 5 minutes later I saw another doe coming in about 15 yards right down my shooting trail to my shooting lane. When suddenly the doe turned 180 degrees and ran the other way. At the time there was no wind but she could have been downwind of me. After she ran away I figured I wouldn’t be seeing anymore deer. The only explanation had to of been my scent. I have had my camo isolated since the beginning of the season and sprayed cover scent all over my clothing and gear. Maybe I need to use some scent wafers in stand next time.

  Screen grab of a nice 9 point from a video my Dad took, he is on the land I was hunting tonight. I'll be back.

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