Preseason Scouting Archery 2013

A successful hunt should always begin with scouting to determine what buck if any are traveling on your hunting grounds. I like to have three or four different places to hunt and I will try to scout each one before the season begins to determine which location will yield the best hunting. All of these pictures are taking in north central PA in Lycoming County.

Just going out randomly into the woods and setting up is a sure way to lose interest and waste valuable time.

This first picture was taken three weeks before the begining of the 2013 archery season. It is a nice 9 point that was browsing early in a field on some ground that I hunt.

After seeing the above picture I decided I was going to set up some trail cameras to determine what other buck were on the land. This first one was taken about two weeks before the opening day. The discourage aspect of the photo was the time the buck came through. By that time it would be too dark to get a shot off.

 This picture was taken a few days before the top one we had seen this six point with his twin brother on our land. He isn't quite ready this year but could be a nice shooter next year.

 Another 8 point. Although not the largest on the land he could potentially grow into a nice buck

It is hard to see from the picture but this is another buck on a different property other than the bucks above. He is a really tall 8 but there is another 10 point on this property. We discovered these buck too late to scout and determine where they are moving through but will attempt sometime this season probably during the rut to location a scrape line.

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