Feeling Under the Weather; but Still Hunting

Bad way to end my vacation, got a cold out of no where, but I want to go back to the same spot I shot my 8 point last week that I couldn't find. It was about 39 degrees, nice cool morning with very little wind. I walked into my stand around 6:30AM. I got set up but didn't see a thing! It was around 9:00AM that I decided to start using my doe bleat. I didn't want to use it before then because if the deer would have moved through there normally I was worried some of the smaller buck would hang around my tree stand and alert the more mature buck coming down.

I was assuming it was safe to try and call something in due to the fact it was later than I have ever seen them move through this area. I gave about four doe bleats about 5 to 10 minutes apart until I saw something moving toward me I got excited thinking maybe the were just moving late because it appeared to be a doe.

About five minutes later I realized it is a small spike coming down. He walked slowly about 10 yards from my stand and looked around for about 10 minutes trying to find the doe that was calling to him. He was walking and sniffing around until he crossed where I walked in he then became alerted and started trying to find what left the scent on the trail. After about 5 minutes he walked away cautiously and at about 30 yards he left out a snort or two and ran away.
Here is the picture I was able to take of the spike.

Scent Tip: your scent is probably your biggest disadvantage, approach your stand if possible in a way the deer will never cross. I crossed his trail to go to my stand and it alerted him. The best possible solution is that deer will cross in front of your stand or blind and never no you are there and keep walking. That way the larger more mature bucks waiting from behind will not be spooked by alerted deer.

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