Last Day of Vacation: More Rain, no Buck

Temp 50 degrees

I saw some turkeys behind my house so I grabbed my camo and shotgun and was going to try and break them up in the woods and call them back. But by the time I got around they were gone. I figured since I already had my camo on I would hit the woods at a near by stand and see what was coming through. Last year by this time I had hit this stand in a large grass field multiple times but have never seen a buck.

I was in the stand around 5:30PM; I had antlers for rattling, a grunt call, doe estrous spry and a doe bleat can call. I waited until after 6:00PM when it began raining and started using all the tools I had brought with me to no avail. Just as it was getting dark I stood up and watched. About 20 minutes later a doe and her two fawns went about 15 yards passed my stand. I kept thinking I heard something behind them coming but nothing came out.

The last four times I've been in the woods I have been rained out!

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