Three Strikes Your Out

Went to Navuoo today and didn't see a thing besides about 6 gobblers none of which were close enough to shoot. The thing that is so appealing to this location is a monster 8 point that is lurking around waiting for someone to take him down and hang him on their wall. I have not seen him but he is definitely a mountable prize.

 I got to the location around 3:15PM much earlier now due to daylight savings ending. It was around 50 degrees 5 to 10  mph winds N to NE. I didn't know exactly where I wanted to set up but wanted to go deep in the middle of a property to a deep canyon stream. I passed about three or four nice buck rubs walking in along a heavy trail thinking I should just set up there but continued.

I got set up in my stand around 3:50PM and felt like I made too much noise coming in. About an hour later I heard something coming and saw the turkeys coming down. They started coming right towards me but stopped and flew into the trees to roost.

I think the problem with this hunting location is they are bedding down on our property and by the time we get set up everything within a mile hears us coming and we kick them out or they get spooked and decide to wait until after dark to move. I might have to try going closer to the beginning of the property unless there is a nice rain to wet the leaves. Temp was 44 degrees when I got to my car.

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