9 Point Down, Old PA Buck

I had to work in the morning today but got a text from my Dad around 9:00AM that he shot a buck. He was just getting ready to get down from his stand on top of an oak ridge bordering an old field area that is used for bedding. He spotted a buck coming it turned at about 40 yards and he shot it with his crossbow.

After he shot it ran to a pasture fence jumped over, ran across the field jumped over the other fence and then died shortly after. He hit it through the lungs. It was a very heavy old mature buck. A great PA buck. Now all my Dad has to do is fill his two doe tags.

Now on to my PM hunt. I went back to November in pursuit of the black ghost. A neighbor spotted him a few weeks ago and said they counted at least 17 points through binoculars! I set up about 40 yards from where they came out last week. Around 6:00PM I heard something walking on the logging road to my left in the above picture. I couldn't get a shot on the road! It looked like it was him but I am not entirely sure. I saw another deer come out that I later determined to be a doe.

The buck walked along the road up past me and the doe stopped about 30 yards just ahead of the hedge row in the picture. I used my grunt call in desperation as darkness was fast approaching. About 5 minutes later the doe came running right under my stand but the buck was gone.

My brother-in-law saw a porcupine on the way out and pulled back and shot him out of frustration for not seeing anything. He ran up a tree so he lost his arrow haha.

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