Columbus Day Archery Hunt

Every Columbus day for the past three years I have hunted a location I refer to as Delta Hotel, I killed my first buck with a bow two years ago so I decided to make this location an annual visit. It is a pinch point between bedding and a corn field that gets cut within the next week or two. On the way into my stand I walked through a large field and kick out 5 plus deer. It is frustration when that happens. I was in my stand by 6:00AM and hunkered down and waited.

Before dark I saw my first action and had a deer walked right under my stand. After another hour I saw a doe walking around the field edge I kicked them out of. About 20 minutes later I saw two doe walking through the woods very quitely and slowly eating acorns. It was difficult to hear them because of the slow pace they were going. I saw another two doe coming from the south eating acorns. Their pace was also very slow. I only hunted until 9:00AM and didn't see any buck.

PM Hunt
I headed out to location November for my PM hunt hoping to get a chance at the black ghost, the largest buck I have ever seen. I didn't want to put too much pressure on him since I saw him Saturday I stayed back about a third of a mile. I fully understood I probably wouldn't see him but attempted anyway. It rained on and off all night with a westward wind which was perfect for where they have been bedding but didn't see a single deer.

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