First Day of Archery 2014 PM Hunt

After battling rain and wind in the morning I didn't feel like going out for nigh stand because of 10 to 15 MPH wind guests but the excitement of the first day provided just enough motivation to slip into my damp camo and wet boots (Yes I need to drop a little money for a good pair of waterproof boots.) to head out to my stand. I was very excited to try my new stand location just below an elevated clover pot surrounded by white oaks. Although I thought if I were a deer I would go right through there I was dealt a double skunking on the first day.

The above picture shows an old logging trail that has become pretty overgrown but has a heavy trail follow right through the center. I will probably try this spot again. Unfortunately I don't have any deer to talk about so this post is over. The next time I might be able to make it out is Monday or next Saturday.

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