Great Time to Hunt at the End of a Storm

There was a major warm front carrying a lot of rain it started last night with high winds and lasted until about sunset today. I decided not to go hunting in the morning because of heavy rain and wind but headed out to November to hunt my ghost. I set up along an old logging road just up from where I had seen him 4 days ago.

When I got to our property I saw deer out eating in the field at 4:30PM this confirmed to me they were moving early after being bedded down for the storm. I got in my stand by 5:00PM and felt like I was too close to the road only about 7 yards away. If he would've came through it would've been tough to get a shot without alerting him. I am still improving my tree selection for stands. Having a climber definitely makes it more difficult to pick a good tree. I saw two doe eating through the trees in the field but couldn't see any antlers. I will be back here again on Saturday.

I have had a lot of success hunting before storms and after or on the tail end of storms. Very little success hunting in high winds or heavy rain. I have read articles that state deer move regardless of weather. But if you think of the disadvantages to the deer in high winds they can't hear and can't smell. Any scent left by predators will be dispersed too much to help the deer locate it. So hunt in rain with gentle wind, do not hunt heavy wind days 15 to 20MPH wind guests are too much.

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