Hunting in the Thick Woods of PA | 4 Doe

Today begins my 6 day vacation and I was grinning ear to ear walking out to my car from work. I hurried home got changed and hit the woods behind my house. I set about 30 yards below our Brassica food plot that has been getting hammered. I wasn't entirely happy with the tree I picked once I got up in it I had very few shooting lanes but it was too late to get down my climber and move. It wasn't more than 20 minutes and I heard something swishing through the leaves.

 As you can see from the above picture I am set up along a path leading to a Brassica food plot. It is a very thick wooded area and I was hoping to catch a mature buck staying in the dense cover. After being in my stand for 20 minutes I saw two doe walking down the path right towards me they looked like yearlings. They fed in the food plot for about 30 minutes before being joined with another mature doe.

After about another 30 minutes I head a deer coming, hoping it was a mature buck I set up my bow and faced that direction. The fast approaching twilight was filled with the sound of a near by coyote pack starting a hunt. I heard howling for about 10 minutes before the other deer appeared. It was only a doe. Darkness followed a few short minutes after and I heard some deer going through the woods. I climbed down my stand and walked out listing to coyotes.
Who said selfies aren't manly?

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