The Black Ghost | The Biggest Buck I Have Ever Seen

I went out both in the morning and evening today, I walked over 3 miles in the morning round trip and didn't see a thing because of a south western wind. We generally have a prevailing eastward wind. But that same westward wind would give me a record breaking night for buck sightings on stand and give me an opportunity at the Black Ghost; the biggest buck I have ever seen in the woods, on a trail camera or on Facebook of bucks killed by friends.
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On Morning stand I walked just over 1.6 miles and on my way to stand I saw two very distinct scrapes which is very surprising because it is only October 11! The area I wanted to set up I had never set up on stand and was concerned about finding a good tree. After about ten minutes I found a nice hickory tree I went up in my climber. There was deer sign everywhere but the wind was wrong. Even with cover scent a wrong wind will never bring buck in high pressured areas. I didn't see a thing despite 10 plus trails and deer beds all around me.

PM Hunt: The Black Ghost.
I wanted to go to an area I refer to as November (The actual name will give it away to locals.) but I didn't know exactly where I wanted to set up. When I arrived I was very disappointed to encounter another westward wind! I couldn't set up on the pinch point I wanted because of this. I decided to scout and walk around until I came across a good spot.

I walked for around 20 minutes and set up in a spot I wasn't entirely thrilled about but thought it might be good. I was in my stand late at about 5:30PM. I wasn't there 30 minutes before I heard deer moving towards me. I listened nervously for about ten minutes until I saw white antlers through the woods. I heard 5 plus deer and imagined a few yearlings and some doe. The first buck appeared to be a 4 point. He continued on there was another 6 point with him. I then saw two 8 points locking up their antlers about 40 yards away. The first 8 point came out 15 yards from me I decided to pass because of the other buck coming behind him. 

The next 8 point came out at about 20 yards he was just big enough to shoot but spotted me and stood there. Another deer followed just behind him and I was shocked at what I saw. He was peaking out through the woods with the biggest rack I have ever seen in my life. This is a buck we knew was here last year but didn't get any chances at him. As soon as he stepped into the open he knew something wasn't right. Him and the 8 point looked around nervously while the other 3 buck moved around unaware of my presence.

I prayed under my breath for him to take one more step and then he did and looked right up at me. I squinted my eyes to keep him from catching my eye movement and as soon as he looked the other way I began drawing my bow. As soon as I got to full draw length the 8 point that was watching me jumped and they both ran away. I have never been this disappointed in my life! I had him at 20 yards! Bow drawn and ready to shoot but it just didn't happen. I wish I could go back and time and wait it out hoping they would continue on their path presenting me a better opportunity. I will be back to November and attempt to get him again. Just a little nervous he won't come through there again. In total I saw seven buck my previous best was 5. I was complaining about not seeing any buck but this definitely made up for it.

Scrape I found along a fence

Scrape and lick Branch

I couldn't help but think about the scripture in the bible that a righteous man's steps are ordered by the lord. If I had my way I would've went to this location in the morning and not seen a thing because of where they were bedding. Also if there wasn't a west wind I would've stopped at a completely different location. I'm hoping and praying God blesses me with another chance at this beautiful buck. To Him be the glory!

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