Final Day of PA Archery Season 2014 and Stats

I like to keep a detailed excel spreadsheet of each hunt to keep track of how many deer I am seeing, how many hours I've hunted and how successful each hunt is. My final post I have all those stats summarized if you are a nerd like me. Unfortunately I had to work in the morning but got to go out in the afternoon. I saw a 4 point walking right to me on my way in he stopped about 10 yards from me and looked at me. If he would've been a year older I probably would've killed him. He eventually turned and ran away. I got in my stand and didn't see anything else. I was very disappointed with this season. I put a lot of time and effort into this year and didn't get a buck. Continue reading to see all my stats from the 2014 season.

This is my first attempt at getting some video of my hunts. I only filmed two hunts so I realize the quality is not there next season I will have more hunts filmed so I'll be able to do a better job editing and picking the best shots.

One of the points of interest from below is that hunting state game lands yielded the fewest buck per hour sightings than any of my other locations with the exception of Bravo but I only hunted there twice not enough to draw any statistical conclusions.

Total Hunts            Hours on Stand              Total Doe           Total Buck         Shooters     Buck / Hour
30                           74.75                               41                       23                      5                   0.31

Average Temperature was 47 degrees for the season

Location Total Deer Buck Hours on Stand Buck / Hour
Bravo 18 0 7 0.00
Delta Hotel 14 2 6.75 0.30
Lima 1 1 4.75 0.21
November 24 16 33.5 0.48
State Game Lands 8 4 22.75 0.18

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