Growing Chinese Chestnuts from Nuts


Last winter I cold stratified American chestnuts and waited until spring to plant the nuts I had good success but not much growth because they didn't emerge until almost June. This year I have been cold stratifying about 20 Chinese chestnuts and noticed last week the root started coming out of some of my nuts so I got a bunch of half gallon milk cartons and a few quarts, used a cactus miracle grow potting soil mixed with some peat moss and planted about 12 with my son.

 He is very happy to use his new garden shovel and to be playing in dirt.

Very proud of our accomplishment, also never misses an opportunity to make a silly face.

The root is just starting to emerge. Can't wait to watch them grow.

My little set up just a few feet from my coal stove which should provide plenty of warmth for good growth.

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