Exciting News! (New Name and YouTube Videos)

I have been thinking for a better brand name for my blog and YouTube account, so I began to brainstorm and after some thinking it hit me Suffering Outdoors. One thing I've learned about enjoying the outdoors especially when it comes to hunting is it is not always glorious. There are hours spend on stand sometimes with no excitement. Entire seasons spent without that trophy buck walking in front of your stand. There is a reason hunting is not for the faint of heart. There is a good amount of suffering involved in every aspect of enjoying the outdoors and hunting. The two terms are a perfect marriage to describe a sportsman's journey to enjoying the outdoors. The term was motivated by my father-in-law who often says if you spend anytime with me you are going to suffer. Below are some recent videos I made through my new YouTube channel Suffering Outdoors. YouTube Channel Here!

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