Tactcam vs. GoPro for Hunting and Fishing Videos


I created a video showing a comparison of the Tactacam vs. a GoPro Hero 7. I have been a big fan of GoPros for awhile. I believe the image quality of a GoPro is superior to the Tactacam. 

After using both the Tacatacam and GoPro last year for hunting videos I wanted to show everyone a comparison. The big advantage of the Tactacam is the zoom. Although a lot of people don't realize you can shoot in 4k with the GoPro and crop the image to create the same zoom. This loses a little bit of quality but it is manageable. I feel the overall picture quality of the Gopro beats the tactacam as well as the image stabilization. If Tactacam could add image stabilization and improve its color profile it would be my go to. Affiliate Links Tactacam 5.0 https://bassproshops.vzck.net/oEvJ9

or Amazon https://amzn.to/2ETogCx GoPro Hero 7 Black https://amzn.to/2ErUlkB My main camera - Panasonic GH5 https://amzn.to/32oMkoB

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