PA Flintlock Hunting - My Favorite Season


The Pennsylvania late flintlock season is becoming my favorite season in PA to chase whitetails. For the most part, the deer become more patternable and start to move back to predicable day-to-day movements. Find the fresh sign on a major trail and you will likely see deer. Most hunters have hung up their weapons and the woods are now free to roam without running into other guys.

 I'm not going to oversell the season because it can be cold. Absolutely brutal. And the deer are still highly pressured from a long archery and rifle season that the slightest movement can blow them out. There is also the challenge of using a traditional weapon that is difficult to shoot. 

All these factors make flintlock hunting in PA an absolute blast. Harvesting a deer is a real feat and can take hunters years (especially on big woods public) to harvest a deer.

Some of my most popular videos have been flintlock hunting. I decided to post a video on my YouTube channel of a compilations of all my flintlock hunts. The video can be viewed by following the link below.

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