I Set Up a Tent and I Fly Fished around Camp


My son and I were thirsty for a camping adventure. It was the second week of April so it had been some time since the last time we were camping. He told my wife that he was going to sleep out on our porch, start a fire and camp. I had also been wanting to try out my new Naturehike Mongar tent that I had just bought. Although the conditions were not ideal for fishing this mountain stream, I thought we would give it a try.

We parked at the gate, walked down stream a ways until we came across one of the only places we could pitch a tent. We made camp, I set up my fly rod and hit the water.

When the fishing is off, you figure it out very quick. The first deep hole I came to, just below camp; had an undercut bank, plenty of cover and a good flow. I made many casts without bringing a trout up. The next hole had a fallen tree across the stream that created some deep pocket water. I fished it, again, without turning a fish. The next hole had a small waterfall that created a nice plunge hole. I fished it with no luck. 

After fishing three very nice holes without moving any fish, I knew the cold water, and slightly higher than usual flows were going to make this trip slow. I fished for about another 45 minutes and caught one small brook trout.

We went back to camp, gathered firewood and started a fire. We had NY strip steaks for dinner. We cooked these directly over the fire. The steaks had a nice smoky flavor. It was after 7 and we hadn't eaten since 11 so we were both very hungry. The baked potato cooked in foil directly in the coals went well with the steaks. 

With a full belly and a long hike in, Dylan climbed into the tent. I watched the fire for an hour or so then joined him. He was fast asleep by the time I got into the tent.

The next morning we made a dehydrated breakfast meal and coffee to the found of a gentle rain on the tent. I drank my coffee as the rain slowed and stopped. 30 minutes later I was standing in the stream trying for fish again.

I fished for about an hour. I lost one small fish then caught a wild brown trout about 4.5 inches long in the same hole I caught the brook trout out of the night before. He took a small mayfly nymph suspended from a New Zealand indicator.

With the prospects of more rain coming, we headed back to camp. We started tearing down the tent as it began to drizzle again. We hiked out and were home by noon. 

I am doing a series on fly fishing in the Pennsylvania wilderness. This is the first video in the series. I have planned to do at least three of these videos but a lot of that will depend on the success of the videos. So make sure you share them with your fellow fly fishers if you enjoy! The video of this adventure is below.

Watch this adventure on YouTube here!

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