Fly Fishing Little Pine Creek Lycoming County

I head to one of my local streams with a couple friends to fly fish for trout. That stream is Little Pine Creek in Lycoming County. Little Pine is a tributary to Pine Creek. It is stocked heavily and fishes very well. Little Pine has good hatches and can have great dry fly fishing. If you are looking for a good trout stream to fish, I recommend trying Little Pine especially if you are already in the area fishing Pine Creek or other streams.

I caught my first fish with a fly rod on Little Pine and consider it my home water. It is a special place to me and I always try to fish Little Pine a couple times each year. There is native brook trout and wild brown trout in the fishery but expect to mostly catch stocked trout.

There is a delayed harvest special regulations area that starts above the lake. I would start in that section and fish your way up. If it is earlier in the season you can try some of the regular areas as the holes are generally large enough and deep enough to hold fish past the first couple weeks of opening day. 

The rocks can be slippery from algae similar to Pine Creek. Studded boots are recommended for wading and crossing. Hatches are very similar to Pine Creek. Stick with smaller flies in the more pressured areas. 

To watch a video I made fly fishing Little Pine, click below to watch it on YouTube.

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