Using a Dry Dropper Rig for Native Brook Trout


One of my favorite ways to fish for native brook trout and wild browns in Pennsylvania is using a dry dropper rig. I usually go with a slightly bigger fly like a size 10-12. I also like to use either a heavily hackled fly that floats well, a stimulator or a parachute fly with a poly wing. I then will use a small beaded nymph tied off of the hook shank about 12-16 inches below the dry. 

Avoiding drag is a really important aspect to fishing this setup. On smaller streams drag is your biggest enemy and can spook fish or create false strikes that put the fish under. If the water levels are lower, you may only get one chance.

I will sometimes hold my leader off of the water like I'm tight lining. I will also try to fish from an angel that reduces or eliminates drag.

Watch your dry fly closely, the slightest dip in the water or twitch might be a fish.

I recorded a video on a recent trip where almost all the fish I took were on the dropper. It was one after another. Many times the action is mixed but on this trip the fish were aggressively attacking my dropper. The video turned out great and has some awesome footage of the scenic wilds in Pennsylvania that I love to fly fish.

Watch the video here!

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