Drop Shot Nymph Rig - How To and Leader Setup


Dave Rothrock and I filled a drop shot instructional video two years ago on Kettle Creek detailing how he sets up his rig and the benefits of drop shotting. One of the biggest benefits is getting your nymphs low with minimal drag. Having the weight on the bottom also reduces hook snags on the bottom. After he posted the video, the comments came in like rapid fire. The video took off and got thousands of views. 

There were many questions on the setup especially regarding Dave's leader. We discussed doing another video. Thus, two years later we recorded a video answering some of the common questions we received from the first video as well as Dave's leader formula.

I am hard pressed to think of a more effective way to fish rapids and pocket water than tight lining with a drop shot setup. I highly encourage you to check out the video to see how to use this tactic.

Video is here 

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