Saddle Hunting Backpack - Spika Drover 40L Review

I have used a $40 backpack I bought from Walmart for the past 6 years. Because I was switching to saddle hunting this season, I needed a backpack that had more capacity and more features. I also wanted a backpack that didn't break the bank as I have a family of four kids to support. That is when I found the Spika Drover 40L.

I was looking at high end back-country backpacks that were very expensive. I was watching YouTube videos, reading reviews, and doing research on what pack I wanted. I didn't feel right spending that kind of money on a backpack for whitetail hunting. I was looking on Amazon one day and came across the Spika pack. I watched a couple videos and it appeared to have everything I wanted.

It has straps to put sticks and your platform. I have been putting my saddle inside the backpack. There are dump pouches on the sides with straps to lock down a tripod or my fly rod tube. There is a meat shelf that you can loosen the pack away from the frame to pack out after the harvest. 

The straps seem to be able to carry a good amount of weight with a kidney belt that helps spread the weight on your waist to take the full load off of your shoulders.

Because the pack is much cheaper than some of the high-end packs, I'm a little concerned about the durability but I am hard on my gear so we will see how it holds up.

I bought the 40L but the actual bag seems tight. I didn't want the extra bulk of the 80L but I think that would've been a better option for camping and all day sits. So if Spika reads this and you would like me to review that pack, reach out and we can work something out!

Overall I am very impressed with the pack, the comfort, and features. I have used it for about 10 sits and it has done very well for me. I have not packed a deer out yet but am eager to give that a try!

Below is a video review I did on the pack.

If you would like to order the pack or check it out on amazon, it is below.

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