Why I Was Skeptical of Saddle Hunting: New Cruzr Saddle


I have been a long-time Lone Wolf climber tree stand user. I wanted to cut down my weight this year due to the fact I'm carrying 20+ pounds of weight in for self filming. My brother-in-law Ty, bought a new Cruzr saddle and I tried it out and decided to pull the trigger.

I bought my first saddle, all the saddle accessories and started climbing trees in the back yard and flinging arrows from the saddle. I had my doubts about the comfort, longer setup time, and shooting from the saddle. After some practice and longer sits from the saddle, I'm not sure how often I'll go back to the climber or hangon. I posted a video to my YouTube channel where I talk about why I was skeptical of saddle hunting, and what I learned after using one. 

Video can be seen here!

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