Black Bear Hunting with a Compound In PA


I hunt the big norther woods of Pennsylvania. I have had many encounters with black bear while deer hunting. I've never seen a black bear during Pennsylvania's rifle bear season. I've also never put a ton of effort into bear hunting during rifle. 

I had an encounter with a large black bear as pictured above in 2020. I had him standing on that log at 44 yards but decided not to take a front on shot. The moment was heart breaking as he was coming down a trail that would've put him within 20 yards for a chip shot. Unfortunately he was above me and he caught my thermals.

He didn't act super nervous but almost curious. I thought he would keep coming so didn't take the shot. 

Fast forward to 2022. I was deer hunting around a thick bedding area. This had lots of acorns. I head some branches breaking throughout the afternoon but didn't think anything of it as it was windy. I had seen a buck and a doe go into the bedding area so assumed what I was hearing them moving around. Just before 5:00 PM I heard leaves rustling and something coming out of the bedding area. 

I got excited thinking it was a doe or buck, turned my camera on and got in position. As the sound approached, I realized it was not a deer but a bear! I quickly turned the camera on as he turned down a trail within 15 yards from my stand. The wind was perfect in my favor. As he stepped out of the mountain laurel I drew back. He caught movement and stopped. I released my arrow a moment later. He took off, let out a roar then rolled over 12 yards from where I shot him, and he died. 

I was surprised at how quickly he died but also happy. I am using about a 500 grain arrow with 2-inch Rage broadheads. I believe the heavier arrow combined with the large cutting diameter is what killed him so quickly. I did not have the bear officially weighted but would guess he was in the 140lbs range live weight. I was in around 1.25 miles so was actually relieved he wasn't a 300lb bear!

 I am having a rug made and am excited to get that back!

I'll post the YouTube video below.

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