Low Cost Hunting Ground Blind by TideWe - Review with images!


I am traditionally a mobile hunter that uses a saddle for most of my setups. I have also used hang-ons and climber tree stands. I have young kids that are showing an interest in hunting and I have wanted to pickup a ground blind to take them out. I didn't want a super cheap blind but I also didn't want to drop $200+ on a blind I wasn't going to use much. Here comes the TideWe ground blind.

It is affordable but not too cheap that I worry it will break or fall a part after a couple uses, it has a nice carry bag to carry in and out of locations. It packs in super tight and isn't too bulky or heavy. 

The blind is really unique in that it has a 270 degree see through mesh material. This will allow you to see either deer or turkeys approaching with the windows mostly closed. This will also be super helpful to hide my young kids who seem to have difficulty sitting still for longer than one second. It will help keep them engaged where they have a much better view than just out of the windows. 

 The windows have sliders so you can very quietly open and close the windows. This design also keeps the windows from flapping in the wind. I like the flexibility to have the windows ever-so-slightly open for hunting turkeys. I think this will help prevent you from being spotted by game. 

The blind was a little challenging setting up the first time as I was not popping open the roof correctly. I also found it a little easier with the zipper unzipped. I feel like this made the material a little too tight when trying to pop up the blind. The camo pattern will probably be better for fall hunting as there is more browns then greens. The blind feels very spacy inside and I feel you could comfortably fit two adults. 


The blind comes with stakes to stake in the corners. This will help on those windy days or if you plan on leaving the blind set up for a longer period of time.

One note, the blind does not have any loops to attach brush to on the outside. If you have super spooky game or hunt a lot of public, this might not be the best feature. But, for where I intend to use it on private ground with my kids, I am not worried about brushing in the blind. Or I will set it up under bushes or cut out bushes to help conceal the blind.

I am super excited to announce a partnership with TideWe, my followers and subscribers can save 18% off all TideWe products with Promo code JK18. You can find the ground blind I reviewed along with many other great affordable products by TideWe here: https://www.tidewe.com/collections/all-products-2

If you would like to watch a video I did of this ground blind (screen shots were taken from video) you can watch it below.


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