Nature Hike Ranch 6 Person Hot Tent - Review

I was looking for a tent I could use in the winter for either hunting or fly fishing. Last year I used a three seasons tent for a rut trip in Ohio. Temps got down into the low 30s. Although the temperatures were not unbearable, the draftiness from the wind at night was bone chilling. I decided then, that if I wanted to hunt from a tent again in mid November, I needed to upgrade.

If you would like to check out the tent, it is here.

I immediately started looking for a hot tent but was discouraged when I noticed for a decent tent I would be expected to spend upwards of $1,000. This is a tent I may use once or twice a year and I couldn't justify spending that amount of money so my search stopped.

I had purchased a tent from Naturehike for summer camping. The tent has served me well and I have been very satisfied with my purchase. I was looking at Naturehike's website when I came across a tee-pee style hot tent that was more reasonable then any other hot tent I had researched. I reached out to Naturehike about the tent and if they would be willing to allow me to do a review of the tent and video of the tent. After a few email exchanges for what I was looking for, they sent me the tent.

Like any large tent, it is going to take some time to set up! This tent is no exception. The first time was rather time consuming especially since I was setting the tent up by myself. The next time I set up the tent I'm sure it will go a lot faster.

The vestibule area was a little challenging to get right. I'm still not convinced I got it set up correctly the first time. Once set up, the vestibule area is very large and has a lot of room to store gear out of the rain or snow. I will be looking forward to keeping everything dry while winter camping. 

There is a nice sturdy support pole that goes in the middle of the tent. I was nervous at first the pole would be in the way and take up valuable space in the tent. It does not! It is between the vestibule area and the main sleeping area. So it sits nicely out of the way.

The tent is very roomy and will be plenty large enough for my needs. You could very comfortably fit 4 - 5 guys with hunting gear and sleeping gear.

The tent features a cutout for a stove chimney. Now I'm in the market for a nice camp stove to use for heating the tent and cooking. Let me know if you have any suggestions! I'm really looking forward to getting this tent out into the woods during the winter when the snow is flying. The thought of camping in the snow with a warm cozy fire sounds like a great time!

If you would like to wat the video I made of this tent, it can be found below!!!!! If you want to pick the tent up from Naturehike, click here!

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